June 30, 2008

Picnic on the 5th and what I'm baking up!!!!!

For anyone who hasn't decided yet whether or not to attend the 4th of July/14 juillet Pot Luck Picnic at the Parc de Sceaux (Paris banlieu) hosted by yours truly... please take a look at my long list of home baked goodies -- it may make you decide to come, after all... : )

White chocolate oatmeal cookies
Peanut butter cookies
Ohio buck eyes (peanut butter balls)
dulche de leche brownies
walnut brownies
rice krispie treats
magic bars (7 layer bars)
butterscotch haystacks...
and maybe chocolate chip cupcakes!

I will also make some potato salad
and corn bread...
Hope you can make it... See you there!

George Carlin dies at 71...

Who didn't love George Carlin??? Rest in Peace, Man!!
The world of stand-up was rocked today with news that long-time fan favorite George Carlin died of heart failure at the age of 71. He will forever be remembered as the comic who made “The List“, which was the 7 dirty words you can’t say on television.

Luxury Shower Cabins...

We're watching a program on tv right now about these costly things!! What do you guys think about this extra luxury item??

June 29, 2008


Through others... (blogs, that is)!!! Hey... I am just tooo busy at the moment to blog so my apologies! But, I have been managing to "LIVE VACAIROUSLY" through my fellow bloggers (special thanks to Sam)... it's been really nice just catching up on my blog reading and hearing what's going on this summer..

Ohhhh.. I missed PRIDE in Paris.. which I am bummed about, since I don't have ANY gay guy friends here in Paris... and about 80% of guy friends in Cali. are gay.... I always used to go to San Diego Pride every year to look see all the very buff and bare torso-ed really hot gay guys.. So, I am sad I missed the one in Paris.. Oh.. and yeah... in case any of you are going.. hmmm.. yeh.. I'm a "fruit fly" which is a term that I coined for a girl who always hangs out with gay guys... I can give you about a million and two reasons why they make a girls best friend.. but we all know why, so I don't have to explain...

Take care and bon dimance to everyone!!

Can't wait for Paris Plage to start this year as summer's already off to a very good start and France is back on my "A LIST" again!!!


June 27, 2008

Aloha.... Waikiki beach and John's feet ...

My friend, Johnny now lives in an apt. with a great view in Waikiki! He's living his dream!

What is THIS horse?!

Dubai Moving Skyscrapers

HOLY COW!! I am "planning" on going to Dubai in Dec/Jan. It's an amazing place.... This is proof!!

June 25, 2008

More shots of the b-day get together at the Parc de Sceaux

My "neighbor", fellow San Diegan and expat friend, Barbara... Home in France... took some really nice shots of all of us at the parc the other day.. Nice job, Barbara.. I loved the way you edited the photos... What program did you use (Paint)? You're becoming a real PRO!!!  It was a really fun time.. I will plan some more for this summer... 

Sam and Patricia's Birthday in the Parc de Sceaux...

It was a fun afternoon.. A girl's day out!! I don't remember the last time I've hooked up with 7 of my girlfriends to spend a day of leisure just chatting and strolling in the park... It was great fun and I am really lucky to have such nice friends... We celebrated Patricia's b-day (Monday) and Sam's b-day (Thursday). It was a hot and sunny day... about 32C (85F). We spend the entire afternoon in the parc... What a treat!!

Les fleurs de Paris

Lunch at a Basque resto with the gals!

Our serveur was very sweet.. and we joked around with him a lot... It was a lot of fun... I gave some lavander to Mami who was some super cute and adorable customer who was there the same time we were... We took our picture with her...

Fresh Veggies--- Bio, too!

Me, Dawn and Odile at Starbucks!

Parc de Sceaux on a beautiful day..

9:10 pm in Antony

My favorite... wispy clouds!!

Taken around 10:30 pm from the window of our apt.

I love the fact that the days are soooo long in the summer time over here... These were taken as it was getting dark around 10:30 pm.

A beautiful sunset....

I took these pics on the first day of summer when the weather started to become really nice.. Alex and I took a walk in the neighborhood. The sun sets close to 10 pm here so it doesn't get dark until around 10:30.. It's one of the things I love best about
living here in France..

June 23, 2008


BEWARE OF CRAIGSLIST PARIS APARTMENT & ROOM RENTAL ADS - MAJORITY ARE SCAMS!!OMG!! I was looking to see how people came to my site... and found this article posted.. I was FLABBERGASTED!!!! It's a BRUTAL world out there, it seems . People trying to make a fast buck or 2 mille off of innocent victims.. If you have a chance, read this and you can also post it on your on blog, if you wish..

Put Your Flare on at the l'Oisive Salon du Thé

Last week, Sam, Jasmin and I dined at Aimee's (Put Your Flare On) charming and cozy, Salon du Thé, L’Oisive Thé. We had the pleasure of meeting Aimee herself. She is very sweet and her salad's are to die for, esp. the yummy mustard vinegrette made with walnut oil and her very own secret blend of spices. The coffee and ice tea were as equally good.. I think her coffee may be indeed the best I have had yet... in France. Please make sure you stop by anytime to have a nice meal at her cute place.. You won't regret it!!

Who remembers this oldie but goodie???

Heard this on the radio yesterday and it immediately brought back memories of my childhood...

June 21, 2008

What do you think?

Thanks to Betty from La France Profonde for sharing a really cute website called, Bless This Chick, I created a cute logo for my summer project.   I won't yet divulge the name... but just know that it involves cupcakes...   Please let me know what you think.. Thanks a bunch!!

Happy Summer Everyone!!!

It's the first day of summer, ya'll! So, it must be time to hit the plage... C'est parti!!!
***Weather update for Antony, Ile de France...
We went from a BEAUTIFUL clear and sunny morning to a soon-to-be covered gray sky!
Oh la la!!!! Is this the first day of summer or WHAT????!!!!!