May 25, 2008

Picnic in the parc for the 5th July...

Oki, this is just in the works but I sent out an email to most of the people I know (rather, the people whose email addresses I know). So, on Saturday, 5 July- there will be a picnic at the Parc de Sceaux (in the Ville de Sceaux- RER B). I haven't picked out the exact spot, but I will most likely go to the parc with Barbara to map out a good spot. It will either be off of the Parc de Sceaux or Croix de Berny sortie... We'll see... It will be a potluck- I am currently doing some research on good picnic dishes- such as pasta salads, potato salads, sandwiches, fruit salads, etc... so I will get back to everyone on this... My motto: "Keep it simple and NO stress!" Anyhow... I am planning for this to be a combo- French/American celebration (and of course welcome to all other countries) but since it's the 4th July/14 julliet, I thought it appropriate to combine the two and have the best of both worlds- esp. where food is concerned!! If you are interested in going, please let me know via email or comments... and as things unfold, I will give out more details. I welcome everyone and you are most certainly welcome to invite all family members and friends. The more the merrier, in my avis! Hope you can all make it there!
Cheers, Leesa : )


Justin said...

Sounds great! As I said in my email I will be there. Looking forward to a nice picnic in the park to celebrate.

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
You know that you can count Didier & I in also.
It sounds like fun ;)