May 22, 2008

Parc de Sceaux with Barbara!

My favourite park and I got to share some beautiful weather with a great friend, Barbara (Home in France). I am fortunate that Barbara and I are practically neighbours, so it's very easy for us to plan a nice walk in the park... Can't wait 'til I get my bike so I can do the tour en velo... should be fun, too! We spent a gorgeous afternoon strolling in the park. Thanks Barbara, I always have a nice time when we get together!


Le Tigre in France said...

oh wow that park is incredible. it looks like the park in versailles.

La Belette Rouge said...

Lovely walk. When I get to Paris I want to take this walk. Yes? Your photos are helping me to count down the days until our departure. Merci!!

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
I had a great walk, with the sun out and hearing about your trip.
Great photos; I think that the photos of us came out really well !!
Each time I look at your photos, I see the park with new eyes again.
I'am glad you're back ;)

Bises ;)

Leesa said...

Le tigre- Yes, Parc de Sceaux reminds me a lot of the parc at the Chateau de Vers. But, I am partial to PdS because I think it's much nicer- and closer!! I hope when you come to Paris we can have a big picnic in the park.... I will arrange it... : )

La BR- Great!! I LOVE this park and anytime you want to come down to my neck of the woods (it's just mintues from Paris), we can walk in the park together... I am going to organize some yoga/pilates in the park with friends... Hope you can join us! : )

Barbara- It's always a great time when you and I walk in the park together... I truly enjoy your company!! Thanks for the warm welcome back! It's so good to be "home." : ) Leesa