May 21, 2008

Not Tea Time!

It's TAX TIME... for me... I was going to do it in the U.S. on Turbo Tax with my dad but I was missing some important info! Anyhow, I just got off the phone with the IRS branch at the Amer. Embassy in Paris and go all my info required to file squared away! I should be doing it this week.. Looking forward to the tax stimulus payment since I spent a whole bunch of U.S. dollars during my vacation in Cali. I decided that even though the exchange rate was to my advantage, I would rather save my valuable euros for the summertime in France, when I am not teaching! I just used my U.S. dollars during the month I was there and I am too afraid to look at my bank statement, as I know my shopping sprees took a big chunk out of my account!! Anyone else over here still working on there taxes or did you guys get it all over with in before April??? Let me know!


lapagefrancaise said...

I know what you mean about shopping sprees. I was all happy about using euros during my trip to California and indeed, the exchange rate was really to my benefit. But I think I ended up doing so much shopping that in the end, that extra money didn't make much of a difference and I"m still broke now. Woops. Ross is just dangerous. I wish they would get a restraining order against me.

naturelle said...

:D If you don't want to spend more money don't get out of your house after June 26 ......... Les SOLDES!! I learnt les soldes are starting on June 26 this year and I'm looking forward to them. I think we may have some good bargains because they've talked so much about the problem of "pouvoir d'achat" that I'm affraid people's shopping may have slowed down....

La Belette Rouge said...

As a soon to be expat it just seems so wrong to me that you all have to pay taxes to the states on money you earn in France. I suppose that isn't very patriotic of me. But, paying double tax sucks. No?

I am so excited that it seems I will be arriving in France when Les Soldes are going on. I have never been in France when they were happening.

Sending tax empathy to you and hopes that you will get a big refund.:-)

Justin said...

Yeah, I spent too much when I went back to the US this month. I stocked up on clothes! But I decided to not look at my account as well... anyway everything I bought is still way cheaper than it would be here. I plan on stocking up some more when I head back again in June. I am not one for Les Soldes in France... everything is still just too expensive (and too many people going crazy over piles of clothes!).

As for taxes, I am so lucky my company had in my contract that they would pay an outside company to take care of it for me. It is too confusing for me with both French and American taxes... I am sure I would mess it up.

Good luck!

Leesa said...

LPF- I felt like a kid in a candy shop--- It was like all of a sudden, I just wanted to buy EVERYTHING!!! It's weird 'cuz here in France, it's just the opposite.. I have absolutely NO desire to buy anything here... Esp. when I know how cheap things are back home... OHHHHH.... I miss Tar-jay!!!!

Naturelle- Thanks for reminding me about "les soldes," I completely forgot.. I like to look around, not really buy.. But, what girl doesn't like shopping?!! Not a huge fan of the fashion here... I realized that I am a TRUE BLUE Cali girl when it comes to fashion and my styles do not go along with French fashion..

LBR- Fear not, I won't end up PAYING out in taxes... You have to earn more than $85,000 US abroad before they can tax you in the U.S. - but you still have to FILE every year for the rest of your life while living abroad.. I find this odd... but, oh well.. at least I'm not paying anything there... Just here in France where I am earning money and paying into the system!

Justin- Oh... I'm jealous!! Though, I have always done my own taxes, with an exception of one year when I paid for someone to do it.. That's good your company is taking care of it for you! I know what you mean about the spending... I am afraid to look at my bank account.. I know I spent several thousand dollars there!!!! Yooooosaaaa!!!Take care and enjoy your clothing!!!