May 22, 2008

I need my blonde back!!

When I went back to S.D. I had Wendy redo my highlights... She did a super job... my hair was really blonde so she toned it down with some lowlights before I left... Now, looking back at the pictures, I am really missing the "blonde" look... First thing Alex said to me about my hair when I got back was that he preferred the blonder look, too!! So, if anyone knows a good coiffure in Paris, please let me know.. I think I am going back to blonde... It makes me feel younger and smarter!!! Plus, I get away with more as a blonde!!!!


alisa said...

I will wait for someone to post that they have a great coiffure in Paris. I'm in Los Angeles and my hair has been blonde for 10 years, but I'm nervous moving over there in September....what will I do about my hair. I'm sure either way you look lovely. I think when we get lowlights it looks much darker to us...especially if we have been very blonde. I prefer blonder, makes me feel healthier.

Leesa said...
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Samantha said...

I got some low-lights put in when I was back and am now missing my blonde hair too!! Maybe we could go to a salon together? I remember reading in French Glamour about a salon in Paris that specializes only in blondes....want to check it out?