May 11, 2008

Excess Baggage Anyone!!

A HUGE MERCI to the very nice and friendly Air France agent who checked Alex in today at LAX... He passed her his silver Flying Blue card and she let the few extra kilos slide on by- We think her computer showed his true Ivory status (Air France revoked his silver status because he didn't fly at all last year)... and she even marked all of his bags (all 3) with the Priority stickers!! Anyhow, I paid a WHOPPING $200 for an excess weight- on one suitcase (instead of 23 k it was 32) it was $50 and the 3rd suitcase cost $150.  All of the extra was all the STUFF I bought!! Not Alex's stuff!!  Anyone know a good translation for "crap" (stuff) in French slang???  Let me know... Bon retour Alex!  I miss you already!!! 


barbara said...

Hi Leesa,

Wow... you have been doing overtime at Target ! That's the hardest part about travel,when the bags get to the scale at the airport.
Nice to have such friedly agents such at Air France LAX.

You will soon be reunited.

Bon retour au pays à Alex ... et ses valises ;)


La Belette Rouge said...

Hi Leesa: I feel sure that when we make the big move to France we will paying more in overweight luggage than we will for our ticket.
Hope Alex returns to you soon!

L said...

Bordel is a good slang way to say stuff. Bazar can work too, and if you want to refer to stuff that's poorly made camelote or cagette.