May 22, 2008

Could life get any better???

Dinner with Richard Gere while my husband sleeps!!  I must be feeling nostalgic/sentimental upon my return from the U.S. because I am actually getting goosebumps AND shedding a few tears while watching "Shall We Dance!"  How bizarre... I also scarfed down a big plate of Kraft macaroni & cheese and now I'm thinking... Who's going back to the U.S. so that I can ask them to bring me back some more boxes of this stuff??!!!!!  Look, it even comes in ORGANIC!!!


David said...

Eating macaroni and cheese is more than wrong... it's... actually I don't think there's a word in the English language to qualify this crime against gastronomy... ;-)

Leesa said...

Oh Father, forgive me, for I have sinned!!! heheheh! I know, it's BAD!! Oh well, it's sooo bad, it's GOOD!! Too good!!! Hmmmm, at least it wasn't that cheese spread in a tube!! I'm back in France now and I know I have NO business eating something of the likes of KRAFT mac 'n cheese... Maybe I should go bake a cheesecake or something since I have 12 blocks of Philly cream cheese in my freezer imported from L.A. one of my 4 suitcases!!! Not to mention all the brownies, cupcakes and choc. chip cookies I will be baking for the next BBQ I am planning!!!! Have I ever mentioned that my middle name is "Betty Crocker?"

Soulamouse said...

it sounds so comforting!!!:) For me, Richard Gere will be always the guy from Pretty Woman. He is so graceful, what a quality:)
Thank you for your supportive words. I hope you get yourself out of jetlag. That poster with orangina looks great...the vintage one. And when you asked about the plant yesterday, I would think it might be agave or acacia...or maybe someone already got that. Lastly I have higlights too, if you get a lot of son, they will become blonder:)))) take care chica:)

Soulamouse said...

a lot of SUN:) of course

barbara said...

Do I hear a longing in your voice?
I can get you some for September. Just tell me; you were so sweet to bring back the cremer for Didier + your goodies.

Just let me know... it is not very much 4 star cooking, like David said. But, Americans just love the stuff.