April 5, 2008

Truly Blessed!!

I have a student who is going to Cali. with her family this August. Her English lessons are currently comprised of learning about the places she is going to visit, doing research on the web, and creating a tour "notebook" so that she can play tour guide to her family while they are on vacation! Next week we are going to study, Monterery, Carmel and Pebble Beach. I don't know how many of you have ever been to their quaint and charming towns, but they are certainly among my fav. in the U.S. I begin thinking how fortunate/blessed I was to have grown up in such a cool state... There are just sooo many fine beaches and coastline... Which brings me back to being excited about going back in only 12 days from now!! YAHHHHOOOO!!!!!!


Le Tigre said...

Sounds like fun lessons! And it psyches you up for a return home too! How long are you going to be in the US for?

joy suzanne said...

Have fun on your visit home, Leesa!

Leesa said...

G'day R- We'll be in So. Cal for 3 weeks!! YAYY!!! Can't wait! I am sooo psyched!

Salut Joy Suzanne,
Thanks, I am sure it will be great!! I am going to buy a pink yoga mat with a white flower that that saw on line at Walmart.... Also a big work out ball for home! Can't wait to do my yoga classes over there... and spinning, too!! :) --- Leesa