April 3, 2008

Top 10 in Paris!

Hello Everyone...

Just a moment to ask for your help! A friend from San Diego is coming to visit us for two full days. She has never been to Paris before. I have an idea of the Top 10 things to see/do in Paris, but wondered if you could take a minute to offer up a few of your fav. (non-touristy) things to do in the City of Lights. I've got the TE, Sacre' Coeur, Notre Dame, Pont Neuf, the Marais, Place de la Concorde, L'Arc de Tri., Champs d'E., the Louvre/M d'Orsay, and l'Opera/Madeline covered... Anything else you could recommend would be great... I think I have covered all the main sights... but I know those of you who live in Paris or those of you who know it very well, know about many more places than I do!! Thanks so much in advance for your response. Have a nice day!

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barbara said...

Hello Leesa,
May I suggest... a cemetery ?

Actally the most famous one in Paris, le cimetière du Père lachaise.It's a fabulous place to walk around in . The toursity thing is to see Jim Morrison's grave. But, there are loads of other celebrities buried there.You can buy a ùmap of the cemetery at the office.

Leaving you with this link in English :


There is also the Beaubourg ( Centre Pompidou), if your friend likes modern art.
Or try to go to the Puces. The best known is the one in St Ouen.

I hope this helps.

alisa said...

The Picasso museum. It's in his old home, it's not huge and overwhelming like the Louvre, but lovely and warm and welcoming and some fantastic pieces, it's in the 4th.

Also, just go to a cafe and hang out, have an espresso and a croissant and watch the people go by. Nothing better.

Anonymous said...

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David said...

Hey Leesa,

If weather permits, go to the unknown parks of Paris (as least unknown by tourists): André Citroën, Belleville (best view of Paris from this park, beats the Sacré-Coeur big time), Buttes-Chaumonts, Montsouris (and my very favorite one, but I won't mention it on the internet as no tourist know it as well as very few Parisians and I like it this way. ;-) ).
Also there are the multicultural parts of Paris that are in my opinion the most interesting neighborhoods of the city: Belleville, Faubourg-St-Denis...
Go to the cutest (and as such invaded by the bobos these days) parts of town: Canal St Martin, the Marais (3rd and 4th)... etc, etc...
Actually, and that's the thing I love about Paris, is that pretty anywhere that's not touristy in Paris is worth going (except maybe for the 15th... boring...)

JD said...

I 2nd the cemetery idea. It is unlike any cemetery I had ever seen before. Lots of famous dead people there besides James Morrison. But of course you got to go see his grave.

I heard that some of the family members of persons buried near him are upset about all the traffic his grave gets.

Leesa said...

Barbara-- YES!! Great idea... I forgot about the cemetary! It's a great place... It's like a village of the dead but at such a grand level...
I like the one in Montparnasse, too.. My fav. Starbucks is nearby!! I am sure we will walk through Chaletet and Les Halles just to see the area... there is a "to die for" bakery that has a lovely "abricots/creme pistache"pastisserie right near the St. Eustache eglise. Thanks for your ideas!! : )

Anonymous- Thanks so much for weblink... What a great idea! :)

David - Great spots and thanks so much for the suggestions.. I LOVEEEEE the Butte de Chaumant Parc... We went to a Blogger's picnique there last spring and I just loved the view.. My kind of parc! You don't even feel like you are in the city anymore! I like the other ideas, too... I try to stay with things that are more close to nature, as well...
What's a Bobo, btw? I have heard this term but I am not really sure what it is... Is it equiv. to Yuppy?? :)

Hi Jason... Thanks to for seconding the Cemetary... I went in Dec. when my friend was visiting and it was my FIRST time there... YIKKEESSS!!! Can you believe that I lived so close and never went until of recent???!!
Take care
Thanks to everyone!!! Leesa :)

naturelle said...

Bobo = BOurgeois, BOhemian

As I understand it: people who have the means to live well but preffer to mingle with people from lower cathegories...

Andrea said...

I vote for Jardin du Luxembourg, Parc Monceau, and Parc Andre Citroen.