April 5, 2008

Song of the weekend!

I like French music! I like like stuff from the 60s! I like this song... It's upbeat... well, the content might not be but the melody is! I was watching "Qui Sera le Meilleur Sosie" last night on tv and their was a contestant imitated Jacques Dutronc... I was immediated mesmerized. I think the guy must be in his 60s now... but he's still good looking. Rochelle, I think you will like this song! So, it's for you... : )

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The Lehners in France said...

Hi Leesa, I just popped in via dumdad. What a brilliant cheesey viseo. That guy standing on his hands and doing push ups is amazing. Did you see dumdads take on Jacques Brel? Very funny. Debs