April 7, 2008

SNOW Tulips!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Lovely photos Leesa...hope its not toooooo cold for you , very cold here as well..

Brno girl said...

very nice picvtures...I am wondering if we are losing spring b/c last year, it was the same thing...slightly cold days et hop!, suddenly hot summmer temperatures...:)
anyway, have a nice day Paris girl:)

oh yes you said earlier you prefer living in FR for cultural and political reasons...I would understand more if you were from ...let's say...(very hard to say but personally I would find difficult the very religious southern parts of the US, no offense pls), but you said you grew up in a such interesting and fun part of the US, so why did you decide to leave? If I can ask...? Sorry if I am asking too much

Leesa said...

Hi Anne,

It was cold in the a.m. but around 7 p.m. the sun came out and it was a bit warmer! Thanks!

Brno girl,

Hi and thanks for visiting and commenting... I am happy you like the pics! I will be happy to answer your question, no worries! First, my husband is French. So, that explains most of it. Long before we got married, I expressed to him that I would be happy to move to France if we were to get married one day, so it didn't pose a conflict of where we would live. Also, I thought it would be easier for me to give up what I had in Cali. - in terms of my teaching career, my life as I knew it, and esp. my American culture and exchange it for a French lifestyle and culture. Of course, it's never easy to make a big change like that but I managed to adapt to everything easier than I had thought! I studied French for 4 1/2 years when I was younger, so I already had some knowledge of the lang. and culture. I have always loved traveling, learning langs, and learning about different cultures, so the aspect of living in a different one wasn't foreign to me. What I DID give up in Cali, was: The SUN, the SURF, Target, Whole Foods, my chiropracter and acupuncturist, 24 Hour Fitness clubs, my yoga and spin classes and my fav. Spanish club, Cafe' Sevilla! Not to mention, friends and family... that goes without saying... I prefer San Diego compared to Paris, for sure!! But, I really like Paris a lot and I have made a ton of friends, both French and American, so I am not isolated! And most importantly, I have the best husband that I could ever ask for! So, in a nutshell, that's the answer to your question.
Now I have one for you... Where are you from? Take care, Leesa : )

Soulamouse said...

Hi Leesa,
thank you for such eloquent answer!!!
Target made me laugh...I think it is addictive even if you did not grow up in the US. Sun must be difficult.
I am sorry, I thought it links to my blog but it does not.
Brno girl is me, Linda:))))