April 4, 2008


If it's one thing that drives me batty is the sound of a misquito buzzzzzzing in my ear at night! Well, over the past two nights, there hasn't been the buzzing, but Alex got bitten and then I saw the culprit yesterday a.m. I saw it again this morning but it got away and now I can't seem to find & capture the little blood sucker!! They are soooo good at hiding and then they only come out to bite while you are sleeping!!


Justin said...

Oh no! Don't tell me mosquitoes already! I miss my windows screens in the US. If you have any ideas how to conrtol them in France please let me know, I live with a bush right below my back window that is loved by all mosquitoes and I get so many in the summer.

naturelle said...

Justin... I missed my window screens too.. so I created my own :D
If you go to a store that sells stuff for "bricolage", you can buy thin, long pieces of wood to make a "frame". Then you just need to get some courtain fabric to cover your frame (one way to fasten them is by using elastic stuff in all 4 corners) :D It worked!

Other options: I've seen in some garden shops (lie Trouffaut) that they sell plants that are supposed to reppel mosquitoes. I don't remember the name of the plant but it was indicated that it was a natural mosquito repellent.

I know there is other "plantes aromatiques" that reppell them .

naturelle said...

Oh.. I forgot to tell you: when my home-made window sreens need to be stored.. I put the frames under the beds and the fabric can be washed and stored with other linen... ;)

barbara said...

Hey Leesa,
Another first for your Springtime ...
I'am ocasionally "visited" in the hotter months.Justin and naturelle's comments about missing screens does make me think about Hawaii.
You can't live with screen doors & windows there.The mosquitos can be vicious over there.

The Big Finn said...

One of the greatest things about Basel is that there are very few mosquitoes. I'd say that I get about five mosquito bites per summer. If I go to Chicago during the summer, I get more mosquito bites in five minutes than I get during the whole summer in Basel.