April 1, 2008

Is SPRING really springing??

Around mid March I posted that Spring was in the air.  To an extent, it's true... flowering trees are in full bloom (even some without their leaves), flowers are flowering everywhere, and trees are budding.  What I am puzzled about is the lack of leaves on the trees and the really cold weather!  I know about the giboulet de mars and all... but last year around this time, the cherry trees at the Parc de Sceaux had leaves AND flowers... We went by the area yesterday to check it out... and saw that the flowers were just budding and no leaves at all on the trees... My question,  Is it the season of spring itself - after the spring equinox and all that brings spring along... or is it the softening of the weather and the sun that brings forth the leaves and flowers?!  Just wondering because it's still pretty chilly for spring.. Last year in March, I think it hit the low 20s and was much more sunny than it has been lately.  In San Diego, we have Gray May and June Gloom but I feel like saying.. we have Gray France!!  What's up with the weather?  I'm still a newbie here, and being a So. Cal native with thin blood, I am not accustomed to such cold/mild weather.. I'll have a serving of sunshine, please!!


The Big Finn said...

I just compared some pictures of our bushes from last year to how they look this year, and I'd say they're pretty much the same (maybe a week off) how they were last year.
The budding leaves and blossoming flowers are a function of a multitude of factors including sunshine and temperature.
Don't worry, the warm weather will be here soon.

Anonymous said...

Last year's weather was unusual. This year's seems a bit more normal.
Anyhow, weather in France is not like in the USA (Nord is colder, south warmer, etc...). I've noticed sometimes that it's warmer in Paris than in some parts of the South ... maybe's the "beton" and pollution that warms things up around Paris...

oh.. I've heard the French say "en avril ne te decouvres pas d'un fil"
.. that's their way to remind us that it can still get cold in April. I've seen snow even in May (region Centre...)

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...
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IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi TBF- Thanks for your reasurring words that give me hope! I have a feeling I am going to have to wait until Alex and I get back from San Diego to enjoy some good weather here in our region... I LOVE spring, and living here in France is great. I know the weather's always nice in San Diego, but here in France, we have 4 seasons and it was something totally foreign to me... I love nature so it's perfect for me.. I just prefer a nice, hot sun to gray, that's all!!!
Anonymous- Thanks for your explanation! I didn't know that expression so thanks for adding it in!! I think you are correct about the pollution in Paris "heathing up" the city... I felt that it was about 5 degrees warmer in Paris than in Antony the last time I was there!! And I know that the temp. in Paris is (thankfully) warmer than some weather in the U.S. I am thinking Chicago and the Mid West, specifically, though I have never lived in either place, I have seen winter weather in the U.S. on tv - and it's not a warming sight!!
Take care and thanks for taking the time to stop by am comment!! Take care... ----Leesa :)

theysaywordscanbleed said...

i know, it's still weirdly cold.

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