April 30, 2008

Hi All!

Sooooo, I just changed my billet d'avion so I won't be back to "Gray Paris" until 17 mai!!  Yay... more time in the sun.... Right now I am SUPER BLONDE Cali girl and I'm getting tanner by the minute!!  I will be back to France as a typical So. Cali. girl.  I feel soo much healthier with a tan, always felt that way!  I am back at the gym doing spin and yoga - feels so good to be back at 24 Hour Fitness... Saw lots of old friends from the gym in the past few days...  Today was a lot cooler then the past few days.. It was about 75F today... but sunny!

1 comment:

barbara said...

You enjoy :)
My questions for you, island gal; have you gone to the beach to swim ? How's the water temp like ?