April 5, 2008

French T.V. (en direct)!!

One of the things I love about la France is that she doesn't have the same hang-ups about sex America does... Granted this is a live emission and the event wasn't planned, bit I do find that it is just part of a culture that is much more "ouverte" than American culture!

Alors, I don't know how many of you stayed home last night and watched the tube, but there was a great (funny) show on called, "Qui Sera le Meilleur Sosie?" Towards the end of the show their were five contestants, Catherine Deneuve, Antonio Bandeiras, Laurent Girard, George Clooney, and Pamela Anderson... Pamela didn't win, but she gave a very memorable performance! I thought it was hilarious and loved the reaction of the presentateurs and the judges! Gotta love the French and their humeur!! Anyhow... If you choose to watch the clip, I must warn you that there is some nudity, so if that offends you, you have have been warned and you don't have to watch it... I am not putting it on my site (their might be rules on Blogger against it and I am a rule follower) so you will have to go to Youtube.fr and look up Qui sera le meilleur sosie, Pamela Anderson. The scene was about 3.5 minutes long. Toute le monde était MDR!


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sacrée Pamela

The Lehners in France said...

I totally agree that the French are more open, than the English also. When I first arrived in France there was a program on about "Nannies" taking on kids from hell and it showed the mother trying to give the little girl a shower. I exclaimed "that wouldn't be allowed in the YUK (UK)" for fear of paedophiles etc. The French were shocked that we were so inhibited. Debs