April 13, 2008


We had a very quick and painless trip to the sous prefecteur on Friday a.m.! For my CDS renewal, year 2! We got there about 10 minutes before our appted. time... and we had the same woman who helped last year! She was very friendly, pleasant and professional. Got everything taken care of in about 10 minutes and POOF... we were out the door! Thanks to my wonderful hubby, who did a great job in organizing all the paperwork to make sure it was complete! Thanks a million, honey!! You are one of a kind!!! We inquired about the 10 year CDS and we were told that I could apply for it next year at the renewal of my CDS... GREAT! And as for obtaining a French nationality, I can apply after our 4th year of marriage... and I don't have to take any tests in French or sing the Marseillaise! But, of course, being a football and ruby fan, I will learn the lyrics!


Dumdad said...


Bon voyage! I've just had a look at your new blog and it makes me realise I want some hot weather and NOW! Have a great time and I'll pop in and see how you're doing. I'll try not to be too jealous!


David said...

What? No test to become a French citizen!?!?

No wonder why the general level of general culture has drastically dropped in the past few years in the country...
It's because of all the foreigners that recently became French...


Seriously, the other day, I looked at the American test... What a joke... I really wonder why is it for really.

(have a good trip btw)

Leesa said...

Hi DD,

Yes... warm weather AND blue skies will be a novelty item for us! Can't wait!! I'll try to bring the sun back to France with me when we get back so that we can have some spring in May!!

Hi David,

Yes, I'm sure the American test is a joke and I'm SURE that I wouldn't pass it if I had to take it myself!! I heard it's a lot of history... stuff I studied back in H.S. that I no longer remember being old and aged! And I think you have to sing the national anthem, too... Great if you want to go to the stad. to watch a lot of baseball games, but useless, otherwise! I am just glad I don't have to pass a lang. proficiency test, though I'm sure in another two years my French will be much improved (and my Eng. will suck!). Anyhow, I would love to become a French citizen because this IS my new home, and I want to feel a part of it and be able to vote and all!
We'll have a great trip... thanks!


L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Congrats on the easy breezy renewal Leesa. French bureaucracy isn't all that bad sometimes ;)

David said...

As "it's a joke", I didn't mean as much "it's too easy" than "it's just random useless information" (Am I losing my colloquial English?)

I'm not sure you have to sing the National Anthem, but you definitely have to pledge allegiance to the flag... A thing every little American has been indoctrinated to do since their earliest age, but a thing I don't think I can do. I won't pledge allegiance to my native flag, I don't see myself pledging allegiance to any flag... Unless... "Paris vaut bien une messe" as Henri IV said, so why not if it gets me a US passport... ;-)

You'd better improve your French quickly though, as a law about having a French language test to become French (and even to move to France) is in the talks...
But I think you'll pass (which reminds me I owe you a couple of e-mail responses)

Leesa said...

Thanks Jasin! I'm glad it all went smoothly... I feel like I am seasoned now! Alex had it all together, though.. He's great at that kind of thing!

David... I agree to some extent... if the info is about the history of the U.S. than I think that is important for people to know about.. Though.. there are many things about history that I am ashamed of!! And, of course, history books are very BIASED! I don't know if the laws will be any different for those married to a French citizen, vs. and EU citizen living in French... etc.. I sure hope they DON'T implement a French lang. test as a requirement for French nationality! I may improve greatly... but I will NEVER be completely biling... and those from African countries that were colonized by France will have an upperhand on lang. since they already speak the lang... UGGH! Gotta go study now!!!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love positive french administration stories! So far (fingers crossed) all of my dealings haven't been too bad either..let's hope this trend continues!

I'm surprised about no test, I thought it was mandatory, but that's good to know it's not..!

Leesa said...

Yes... Me, too!! I hear both good and bad stories... but I haven't had any really bad experiences here yet.. Other than things take longer to process then they would be home and some things just seem long.