April 30, 2008

What's this???

Google.fr has me stumped!!  I cannot figure out what the heck this is.... Any ideas?

Chat worthy!!!

Thanks to my blogger friend, Anne from Anne in Oxfordshire for the Good Chat Blog Award!!  You just made my day, er.... night!! Thanks sooo much, Anne!  That was SWEET!

Hi All!

Sooooo, I just changed my billet d'avion so I won't be back to "Gray Paris" until 17 mai!!  Yay... more time in the sun.... Right now I am SUPER BLONDE Cali girl and I'm getting tanner by the minute!!  I will be back to France as a typical So. Cali. girl.  I feel soo much healthier with a tan, always felt that way!  I am back at the gym doing spin and yoga - feels so good to be back at 24 Hour Fitness... Saw lots of old friends from the gym in the past few days...  Today was a lot cooler then the past few days.. It was about 75F today... but sunny!

April 29, 2008

Should I stay or should I go now???

Yahooo.... I am thinking of staying an extra week in Cali!!!! Alex has to go back to work but I can stay 'til the 17th May so I will have more time to visit with friends!! Should I stay or return to France??? What says you??!!

April 28, 2008

EXTRA HOT in San Diego!!

We had a SUPER weekend with family and friends!

Saturday- We cruised the Art Walk in Little Italy, took the ferry to Coronado Island and dined at my favorite Hawaiian resto, Pehoe's, and watched the sun set over the island from the San Diego Harbor. It was about 86 F today!!!

Sunday- I went to the gym EARLY and did 2 hours of cardio!!! Then, we went to Little Italy for a coffee.... and after for lunch with friends and family (about 25-28 of us) at Acapulco's in Old Town! Today was a WHOOPING 103F!!!!!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!!

April 25, 2008


It's about 32-33 C in San Diego!!! I already have a sunburn on my arms!! YAHOOOOO!!!!

Les Palmiers!

One thing I can't get over is the wonderful palm trees in California! I never once took San Diego for granted when I lived here but I never particularily paid a great amount of attention to all the palm trees.... Palm trees are a typical sight in So. Cal. so it wasn't until I moved to France that I really started missing palm trees! Now being here on vacation, I can't stop looking and admiring them... They are sooo beautiful!!!

April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day 2008!

Today is Earth Day! Do something nice for the Planet!!

April 19, 2008

Our two days in Paris- by Leesa and Liana!

Here are some pics I took during the two days my friend, Liana, was here! I don't think I have ever seen so much of Paris in just two days!!! The weather was pretty nice, too! If anyone needs a tourguide for Paris, I think I may just start up a business!!!

April 17, 2008


My friend Liana left today to Spain... We had a great time in the sun and warmth... She took the sun with her, though.. But we'll have it back in California.... TOMORROW... YAYYY!!!!
Please be sure to check in on my California blog: Rockin' in Cali!
I'll still be posting from time to time on News From France, too...

Hasta la vista todos!!

April 16, 2008


CDG - Antony - Paris- en metro
Paris a pieds--- St. Michel/Notre Dame - Pont Neuf - Louvre - Parc de Tui. - Place de la Concorde - Les Champs d'Elycees (all the way from PdelaC!!), L'Arc de Triomphe.... Antony


Atony - Paris en metro

Paris a pieds et en metro--- Forum les Halles- rue Montreuil, G. Pompidou, Les Halles --
Opera et les Passages, Gallerie Lafayette, Tour Eiffel, Pigalle, Montmarte, Sacre' Coeur - Antony

FYI Jasmin--- This was what we did over the past two days.. It was A LOT, but doable.. we walked about 4-5 miles per day. Are legs are about to fall off but we got sooo much in. Wanted to go to Bastille and the Marais but we didn't make it...
Tomorrow, we will wake up early and go to the Parc de Sceaux... Will let everyone know if the cherry trees are in bloom yet!!

April 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary mon coeur!!

Happy Anniversary Alex! Je t'aime tres fort, mon coeur!! Et je t'aime pour toujours!! Ta perle, Leese

2 years ago, today!

My handsome husband Alex, striking up a pose!
Debs and Rach helping me with my dress.
It was a bit rainy as I stepped out of the car!
A rainy Wedding Day! Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux!
Passing security at the Town Hall
Me, my dad, and brothers- Joe and Josh
Alex and family- far left: Iasa (friend), Merlyn (stepmom), Alex, Aunt Hedi,
Teresa (sis-in-law).
Debs, me and Rach walking down the corridor
Alex and me in the front of the procession. Note: Our wedding party following not too far behind!

It was a windy day down at the bay... but it was still beautiful!

I love this picture because it's one of the few that I really like of myself... my eyes look soo blue... It's me and a former student of mine! It's too cute!
This cake was designed by me and Alex and made by the Fabulous Baker Girls in San Diego It was really "to die for," I assure you...

Today is our 2 year Wedding Anniversary!! I can't believe that it was 2 years ago on this very date that Alex and I said, "I do!" - In English, mind you! It was a joyous and memorable day! We had lots of family and dear friends with us! It was a rainy drizzly day, with raindrops here and there, some clearing, and more rain... It was fun!! We got married at Town Hall (civil marriage) and then went to East Mission Bay Park for cake and a toast! It was an AMAZING day!!

April 13, 2008


We had a very quick and painless trip to the sous prefecteur on Friday a.m.! For my CDS renewal, year 2! We got there about 10 minutes before our appted. time... and we had the same woman who helped last year! She was very friendly, pleasant and professional. Got everything taken care of in about 10 minutes and POOF... we were out the door! Thanks to my wonderful hubby, who did a great job in organizing all the paperwork to make sure it was complete! Thanks a million, honey!! You are one of a kind!!! We inquired about the 10 year CDS and we were told that I could apply for it next year at the renewal of my CDS... GREAT! And as for obtaining a French nationality, I can apply after our 4th year of marriage... and I don't have to take any tests in French or sing the Marseillaise! But, of course, being a football and ruby fan, I will learn the lyrics!

Rockin' In Cali! blog...

Hi Everyone....

Hope ya'll had a nice weekend! We're getting ready for our trip - just packed a bunch of wine
to bring to friends, chocolates from Jeff de Bruges, tea, jams, honey, sauces... oh la la... C'est un peu trop, je trouve... Mais bon.. on voit pas tout le temps la famille et les amis! Our suitcase will be filled with mostly stuff that will be given away to people so we will have TONS of room to bring stuff back... ALL the stuff we have been craving... I have to admit that Alex is just as bad as I am ... and he is FRENCH!!! What I mean is that the last 4 times he was in the U.S. with me... we both did an equal amount of shopping!! I think we were both a couple of shop-a-hols! Anyhow, it will be fun... I am looking forward to the Thai lettuce wraps at the Cheesecake family and maybe a sinfin few bites of a Kalua cheesecake... since the one I made for Alex's b-day in Dec. was salty!! We'll see... good thing the gym in close to my dad's place in L.A. I already have all my spin and yoga classes worked into the schedule and I will also be walking by the ocean every a.m. at around 5:30 am with my friend, Shelly... Just like we did everyday in June- August '06 before I moved to France! Can't wait!! YAHHHOOOOO!!!! Click on the line below:
 the NEW BLOG... Rockin' in Cali! I haven't written anything in it yet.. but PLEASE feel free to stop by after next week and check out my adventures... I won't be posting on my blog, News From France very often... maybe a few here and there... So please follow me over to California... Where it was 86 F in San Diego yesterday and 96 F in LA!!! Yowsa!!
                                  Seal photo courtesy of Bob Francella, a friend in San Diego.

April 12, 2008

You Cheer Me Up!!

*Bushing* Debs from The Lehrners in France
was sweet to reward me with the YOU CHEER ME UP AWARD!! A big thank you to you, Debs!! That was very sweet and you made my weekend!! Big hugs!!

April 11, 2008

Expat Travel MEME

My dear friend, Barbara from Family Counts is planning her big trip back to the States which is in about 6 months from now... She posted a cool MEME about expats and travel so I decided to give it a go since Alex and I will be visiting my native land in just ONE WEEK from now!
So here it goes......

5 Things that I need when I return to the USA: (There are literally about a million so I will list 10 instead of 5 to make it fair.) I won't mention family and friends because that is too totally obvious!

2. The SUN/the OCEAN/WARMER WEATHER,in general
3. 24 Hour Fitness- My yoga and spinning classes!!
3. My TARGET fix/Whole Foods/Trader Joes... OH HECK- Ralphs or Von's will do, too!
4. Peet's soy latte
5. MEXICAN food- HELP!!!!!!!!!... Get me to the nearest taco shop!!
6. Cafe' Sevilla on Salsa night/Brasilian night
7. Rollerblading/walking on the Bay/Beach boardwalk.
8. LIFETIME movies on Channel 38/TV in English, so I don't really have to pay attention to what I'm watching!!
9. Going to all my old stomping grounds and seeing who's still around.
10. DISNEYLAND... the real one in Cali.!!!!!

Five things I don't need when I return to the U.S.

2. CLOUDS, RAIN, COLD weather
3. Dog pooh and spit on the streets
4. $7 Starbucks lattes!!!
5. Euros--- Well, I really don't need them in the U.S. Hahahhaha!! But, thanks to the low dollar my euros will go FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
I'm leaving these 5 things behind in France when I head to Cali.

5 comfort foods that give me that "back home" feel

1. REAL Mexican food- corn tortillas, refriend beans, and guacamole! Valentine's here we come!
2. Cheesecake from Cheesecake factory... not the ones I make with St. Moret Cheese!
3. Lemon bars
4. Thai food
5. Homemade tamales from the lady at the Hillcrest farmer's market.
6. A Peet's soy latte!!!!

5 foods that no longer give me that "back home" feel...

Not sure how to answer this one because I cook so much, and I cook everything I made back home...

5 things that I find in my country that money can't buy

1. The view of downtown San Diego from the the 5 freeway as you get to Kettner Dr. exit
2. Hanging out in Little Itlay/Peets with friends and talking about life.
3. Rollerblading on the bay/beach
4. Driving up the coast and seeing the beautiful coastline.
5. San Diego sunsets from the ferry landing on Coronado Island and enjoying the nighttime view of SD downtown and the reflections of light in the water.

Like Barbara, I won't tag anyone but I certainly invite anyone to participate!
Take care,

All this week and next!

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let you know that from now until next week I may not be posting very often because I am super busy getting ready for our trip to the US, work and we have a friend from back home who is coming to stay with us for a few days next week... So.... please feel very free to read through the archives, if you haven't yet looked at the posts from last year, I highly recommend that you do... Last spring was a great time for me in France because it was my "first" spring (San Diego doesn't have a "real" spring). I have lots of photos for you to enjoy.. So, just go to the archives and check them out!!
As for our trip to Cali., I will most likely create a new blog entirely, to save some space on this one, so I will post it here when I do so!

Take care everyone and have a great WE...

Leesa : )

April 7, 2008

CNN World : Tibet : Torch Extinguished In Paris

I was planning to go to Paris today to be a part of the protest but didn't make it up there... Watched it on the news, though. I was impressed to see the amount of people protesting, it seemed a bit chaotic in some areas. I do believe in peaceful protests, like Ghandi and MLK Jr., so it was a shame to see it get out of hand. I just wish that gov'ts would respect human rights and put an end to violence.


Cherry blossoms

Chez nous ce matin!