March 30, 2008

San Diego, my city by the bay

One of the reasons why I love San Diego as a city is because it's a big city with a "small town feel." Even though it was much, much more quiet and underdeveloped as a city when I first moved there in 1983, it has grown to be a very busy and bustling city. Aside from this, San Diego has still managed to maintain it's "small town feel," which allows all of the wonderful tourists who visit to be charmed by San Diego and to feel welcomed by it's inhabitants (most of whom are actually transplants). Everyone wants to move to San Diego because of it's great weather, fine beaches and easy-going lifestyle. San Dieo has so many wonderful things to offer as a city! I will post some of my favorite things over the next few weeks - until I can get over there and post live and direct. One of the nicest things about San Diego from a visual perspective is it's beautiful skyline, which offers a beautiful view both day and night! Especially beautiful is the skline at night from across the bay on Coronado Island's ferry landing.


lapagefrancaise said...

Ah, I love SD too. Such an easygoing, laid-back kind of town. It's one city where I always feel like I can just completely relax and let go whenever I go there.

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
I'am counting the days with you ;)
You are bringing out some fab memories of your home town. Sometimes I have thought waht my life would have been like if my parents had stayed in SD instead of moving on...
Prior to our trip in 2006, I had not been back for 34 years, since our Grandma passed away.

Hugs to ya xx