March 10, 2008

Paris Taggers

I wanted to get a snapshot of a rare sight in Paris... a tagger! Though graffiti can been seen everywhere in Paris, I have not yet seen one sole tagger... Here's my chance!
But, Anais kindly told me that he was actually "de-tagging" or simply cleaning off the tag!! Funny anyhow... he didn't fit my image of a tagger!


barbara said...

Hey Leesa,
I have never seen a tagger in the act neither... I don't think they would enjoy being seen.
I was wondering what he was doing in the photo; I didn't see the aeroso in his hand.

Anonymous said...

It makes me so angry when I see old buildings and monuments tagged and graffitied. People just have no ability to appreciate what they've got sometimes. Murals and the like are a different kettle of fish however. In Melbourne the councils actually pay people to make lively graffiti art, but not tagging, which is devoid of anything artist, it's just a lame signature in my opinion.