March 23, 2008

Painting Easter eggs with Stan and Solene

Last night we were invited over to Frederique and Francois' for dinner. We had a wonderful time and got to meet 4 friends of theirs whom we had never met... We talked a lot about politics and other issues... it was interesting! I drank a little too much- about a 1/2 glass of wine- white and red... which were all VERY good!! I also brought a little part of an American Easter tradition to share with their two kids, Stan and Solene... I think that coloring Easter eggs may be somewhat of a tradition here in France.. but first, you have to find white eggs, which is difficult.. I found some at the Kosher market down the street from us but it's the ONLY place I have seen them here in France!! I wasn't able to get ahold of my PAAZ Egg dye, so I brought over my icing dye kit and mixed it with a little water... The kids "painted" the eggs instead of dipping them in the dye mix.... but the still turned out very nice and the kids were delighted... So was I!!! I LOVE stuff like this and miss this aspect of American culture, even if the holidays are all very commercialized in America!! Here are some pics of the kids dying their eggs!!


barbara said...

Stan & Solene did a good job decorating those eggs !
That was nice to share this tradition with them.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I remember doing that with my sister once and being disgusted by having to blow the yoke out of the egg. We dyed the eggs and gave them to my grandmother and she kept them until she died.

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi Barbara- The kids had a great time decorating their eggs- so did I! I do miss the traditions we have that surround most holidays (back in America)!

Tig- It was fun..... I cooked the eggs before so they were hard-boiled. I can imagine blowing the yoke out of an egg would be a bit challenging!!
Take care, Leesa :)