March 3, 2008

Kudos to Fellow Bloggers!!

Some of you may check out my blog on a regular basis and are quiet about it... Some of you stop by and leave comments on posts you find interesting or have a question about.. Some of you just stumble in and may not return again... I welcome ALL of you.. esp. my regular guests... some of you have become personal friends... Well, I do enjoy reading the blogs of others, fellow Expats and all... I spend maybe an hour or so every night catching up on reading everyone's blogs.. you can see I have a LONG list of blogs on my blog roll and there are some I really enjoy reading for so many different reasons- humor and wit, cultural information, daily musings, photos, and cuisine... There are sooo many wonderful blogs out there!! Soooooo, kudos to all of you guys!! You ROCK the blog world...
And I would like to award you with the following blog awards... I am not linking to the blogs in this post but everyone can find all of the blogs in my blog roll: Cool Bloggers in Blogland.
(I don't know all of your real names so I will refer to you blog site if I don't know your name)

Barbara, from Family Counts
Samantha from Sam de Bretagne
Tara from Paris Parfait
Le Tigre en France
Lisa from The Bold Soul
Mr. and Mrs. TBF from The Big Finn
Sanni from Coffee2Go
Jennie from Jennie en France
Dumbdad from The Other Side of Paris
Jasmine from L'Etrangere Ameircaine
Antipo desse' from The Sheer Naughtiness Blog (Naughty Letter to Ms. Mac)
Justin from An American in Bourgogne
The Late Bloomer
Ani's Adventure's
Susu's World
The Francofille
Paris Breakfasts
Grenoble Girl
Ali Thinks


barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
WOW;What an honor to receive all this.
Big XO to you my friend.
I'am looking forward to catching up with you very soon at the Park.
Thank you so much again :)

Justin said...

Thanks a ton! I enjoy reading yours and everyone else's blog as well and seeing that I am not alone.

Just curious.. You put "Justin and the Mrs. from An American in Bourgogne" but I do not have a Mrs... I wish, but no. No biggie ;-)

The Big Finn said...

Thanks! That reminds me...

I have to add you to/update my blog roll.

Soulamouse said...

wow, I feel so happy you included me!!:)
Thank you for the shots of Paris, they are so beautiful, I know paris is a cliche and I always think it must change but it really does not. BTW did you read Sarah Turnbull's Almost French? It is an Australian expat in Paris, got married here and survived all the culture shocks. I thought the book was a riot, I was laughing every three pages!!!
Have a great spring,

Dumdad said...

Merci beaucoup for these fab awards! Some I've already got but the others I'll add to my trophy room (you can't have too many awards!)