March 26, 2008

Gustation a Starbucks!

my favourite Starbucks is the one in Montparnasse.... I go there the most, and I pretty much know all the baristas there... I was kindly invited by the manager to participate in a gustation of the Costa Rican coffee. It was very interesting to try the coffee with a few different things to discover how the taste of the coffee is affected by something else..... Hmmmm... I think that choc. is my personal fav!

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The Big Finn said...

Our FIFTH Starbucks just opened here in Basel not too long ago. I think that pretty much qualifies us for the Big Time...NOT!
Just before the first Basel Starbucks opened a few years back, a Swiss friend of ours told us that it would " in Switzerland because nobody wants to drink that 'weak American coffee!'". I said it would work because it was more about the whole Starbucks experience rather than just the coffee. Plus, like McDonald's, it's a formula that almost never fails!
The first one opened on a blazingly hot August day, and I saw a line of people spilling out of the door onto the sidewalk waiting for their first Basel Starbucks coffee.
I guess time is proving me right.