March 27, 2008

22 days and counting -

What's your favourite U.S. city??

Note: Photos taken from google images at various websites

... until we make it back to my lovely city by the bay! I love San Diego!!!


Justin said...

Boston, MA! I love just heading in to the city on the weekend, walking the Charles River, visiting a museum, stopping off at a nice restaurant 'or sandwich shop), and just seeing all of its wonderful sites.

The Big Finn said...

1st - Chicago
2nd - San Francisco
3rd - Portland, OR

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi Justin- Boston is a beautiful city! I agree with you- walking along the streets and by the water was a treat for me when I visited!

TBF- YES... San Fran!! I have a student going there with her family this summer and we are discussing the city's history and important sights to see! One of my favs, too!! I've never been to Chicago or Portland, but I have heard both of them are great cities!

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
I'am going to do a slight infidelity to SD...

My favorite is San Francisco.I'am placing SD a very close second ;)

Always-a-Student said...

A little late... but here's my opinion.

I am living in the hellhole state of Texas, but Austin is fantastic. I love it here. I love the fact that most everyone here embraces the motto "Keep Austin Weird".

Quirky, laid back, and awesome. My kind of town!