March 30, 2008

19 days - California HERE WE COME!!!

This photo was taken of the web from Google images.

I can't believe the days are passing by so quickly now. April is just around the corner and it's just a matter of days now until our big trip across the pond! I am going to post some pics dedicated to my friends in my favourite city by the bay- San Diego! I lived in Banker's Hill, just 3 blocks north of Little Itlay and about 5 minutes from downtown San Diego. I also lived on the flight path of Lindberg Field for about 11 years so I always had planes flying overhead! I loved when BA had a 747 flight every day that would land at 4:55 pm. If I was at home, I would step outside to witness this mother of a plane flying what seemed about only 100 feet or so overhead. I used to wave to the pilots! The planes come to the right of the downtown area and cross the I5 Freeway before touching down on San Diego soil. It was always a site to see as I was driving and would catch a plane landing just as I was about to exit the freeway to go home.

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