February 4, 2008


GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Giants had the perfect answer for the suddenly imperfect Patriots: a big, bad defense and an improbable comeback led by their own Mr. Cool quarterback, Eli Manning.

In one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history, New York shattered New England's unbeaten season 17-14 Sunday night as Manning hit Plaxico Burress on a 13-yard fade with 35 seconds left. It was the Giants' 11th straight victory on the road and the first time the Patriots tasted defeat in more than a year.

Pictures courtesy of NFL.com

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barbara said...

Hin Leesa,
Are you a football fan ?
I heard on the TV commericals about the coverage of superbowl in France .
Just for the record, I must have had the most non sports family in the state.Dad was not into anything and come Superbowl Sunday, it was very quiet at home !