February 11, 2008

French meds... just wondering..

What your experience is with French medications... I am at the tail end of a yucky cold.. I think I got sick from stressing about the results of my biopsies and my immune system was compromised.. Anyhow.. I finally started some homeopathic remedies that I have used before and were effective... and today I also went to see my GP doctor... He confirmed my slight ear infection, sore throat, a blocked nose... So, he prescribed some over meds to pick up at the pharmacy to clear up the virul symptoms. One of the things was a nose spray. I sprayed once into one nostril and looked to see what it was: Prednisolone was the first ingred. I thought it was prenisone, which is a cortisoid that I have taken twice in my life for horrible asthma. I was shocked to see that they would give a nasal spray with a steroid... though I know it helps with inflammation. I am a mostly, "no meds" kind of gal, taking antibiotics only when necessary and trying NOT to take the other meds- pain killers, etc... for things I can use homeopathie instead. Long story short... Why would I want to use a steroid nasal spray to clear up my runny nose when there are other things to use??? Has anyone ever heard of this spray, Derinox?? Just wondering... I am NOT going to take it... Thanks


Le Tigre said...

I haven't really taken many French medications yet but they do seem to be VERY strong, they cut right to the chase. I'm the same as you, I try and hold off on taking things beyond regular cold and flu tablets.
I remember once with some of C's friends, I was saying how I was taking cold and flu tablets. "But they won't stop the cold, they will only stop the symptoms!". Uhhh duh! Nothing is going to stop a cold unless I want to develop immunity to drugs that will actually help me if I contract pnenumonia or something!

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
I hope that you get well soon.
That Derinox nasal spray is one that our MD used to prescribe to my FIL. ..
Once, FIL ran out and sent me to the phrmacie to try and get another. I asked the pharmacist he looked me straight in the eyes and he said " does he take it often? He should not be taking it on a regular basis"
I was able to get a bottle, but he said not to use it reguarlly. Now, I haven't read the paper inside. But, it makes you weary when you hear that...

FIL doesn't use that brand anymore.

I have to be practically going mad with a runny nose to even think about using those meds. I usually weather those things out, if possible.

Anonymous said...

My husband was prescribed Derinox for chronic nasal problems arising from polyps in his nose. Last weekend, he had severe chest pains and we were taken to hospital by ambulance.He spent 3 days in cardiac intensive care trying to find what was wrong with his heart. He was discharged with a clean bill of health for any heart disease, but told to immediately stop taking the Derinox, which can cause heart spasm as a side effect.

I agree with the writer who is cautious of taking steroids (which this is). They have a huge range of undesirable side-effects and should only be taken for a short time (this was prescribed as an ongoing medication) and under good medical supervision. It seems a sensible approach to treating any symptoms that one knows will pass (runny nose, cold) by letting them run their course with minimal if any medication and for any steroid that has to be taken for longer term serious conditions, to take with caution and to always read the contraindications when taking a new medicine.

Best wishes