February 19, 2008

Castro reigns as president...

was what my sleepy eyes read this morning as I checked out CNN.com... Okay, so ... he's still alive a well... WHOAAAA... WAIT a minute.. Castro RESIGNS as president... Now, that's morning news for ya!! OMG... Castro is resigning... I know that his brother will slide into place now, but I just wish that somehow things would change politically for the Cubans. My grandfather grew up in a pre-Castro Cuba, but since he was from Russia... my grandfather was already a communist. I never got to meet my grandfather, he died when my mom was only 14. I wished we could have discussed the politics of Russia and Cuba together. I have only studied Communism when I was at Uni. but I would have loved to have talked with someone who had lived it! Quien sabe, quiza algun dia, Sr. Castro y yo... vemos hablar de la politica de su pais!


Dumdad said...

I haven't popped in to your blog for a while - I like the new design and colours; and those chocs - yum!

The Big Finn said...

My first thought when I heard the news this morning was: he must be really sick, and he'll probably be dead within two weeks.

My second thought was: maybe the embargo will be lifted at some point in the not-too-distant future, Cuban cigars will flow freely into the U.S., and...NOW YOU CAN'T SMOKE THEM ANYWHERE IN PUBLIC!

You just can't win!

USpace said...

Interesting angle. Cool. Castro is human garbage who has killed thousands of Cubans in his failed pursuit of a communist paradise.

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Castro was BRILLIANT

like Marx, Lenin and Mao
he helped redefine EVIL

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God of the Universe says
celebrities are GUILTY

of having talent and luck
so they must praise dictators

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never admit you were wrong

Communism’s FANTASTIC
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keep your people poor

deny them decent health care
convince them they have it GREAT

Fidel Castro
murderous tyrant
- fools' hero

communist freedom killer
imprisons many poets...