February 19, 2008

Bush on Cuba...

It's not often that I post something about the president whom I CANNOT stand... but I just wanted to post Bush's reaction to Pres. Castro's resignation...
President Bush expressed hope Tuesday that the end of Fidel Castro's presidency will launch a transition to democracy in Cuba after nearly 50 years of ironclad, communist rule.
"What does this mean for the people in Cuba?" Bush said at a news conference during his trip to Africa. "They're the ones who suffered under Fidel Castro. They're the ones who were put in prison because of their beliefs. They're the ones who have been denied their right to live in a free society. So I view this as a period of transition and it should be the beginning of the democratic transition in Cuba." Bush said he anticipates debate about Cuba's future, and that some people will say "Let's promote stability." "In the meantime, political prisoners will rot in prison and the human condition will remain pathetic in many cases," he said. Bush noted that he had met with the families of some of prisoners, and that their release should be the first step of any transition to democracy.
"It just breaks your heart to realize that people have been thrown in prisons because they dare speak out," he said.
Yes, it does break our hearts to realize that people have been imprisoned for speaking out against the gov't... But, it REALLY breaks my heart to know about all those people in Iraq have been killed, injured and forced to move from their homes because of what Bush has done in Iraq... How the heck does he sleep at night?? I didn't mean for this to be post about Iraq but why do the "Powers That Be" in the U.S. continue to insist on being the World Police Task Force?? Are they really intending to promote freedom this way?? I would LOVE to hear people's opinions on both Cuba and the U.S. politics.. I will NOT get offended if you do not agree with me.. I accept the challenge of a good debate..

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Anonymous said...

It will be a recurring doubt among historians, just who was the president in those years 2000 to 2008.? GW Bush [as Mollie Ivins used to call him "Shrub"] was recruited to be th candidate of th neo-con faction of th Republican party; and promoted as th new leader backed by th most money (from Perle & others). They had shooting buddies on the Supreme Court to resolve any election problems. He / They started with a 1.5 trillion dollar surplus and gave it to the top two percent of wealthies; then embarked on a military adventure that [aside from the misery] has driven national debt to something like nine trillion,; and they wonder why the dollar has fallen. This 'Presidency' has broken laws and the Constitution, but the Republicans in Congress constantly look the other way, and block any investigations. But they claim to have "Values".