February 29, 2008

Le roi soleil(ça marche)

Such a fantastique production!!! I loved this musical... I saw it once with Alex, then went back and watched it again by myself... Christophe Mae stole the show with his flamboyant performance.. They were all great, though... I just LOVE this song!!!

February 28, 2008

February 27, 2008

It's BARE!

While I wrote that SPRING is springing here... I think the winter season is still here... Can't wait to see the greenery in the trees again!!!

Things American!

I notice a lot of things American here in Paris! But, I think that the French are especially interested in American politics... It's the talk of the town here....

Spring is springing!

In honour of my BLOG-iversaire I am going to show you Spring in Antony! The very first post on this blog was about SPRING.... so.... here is spring this year... with more to come!

Happy Birthday Blog!!!

I was going back in time to see when my very first blog post was... I was saddened for a brief second, thinking I missed the day.. but when I looked back to my first post... I saw that it was EXACTLY one year ago to the date.... SOOOOOOOOO, Happy Blog Birthday, News From France!! You are one year old today and your have grown into a beautiful and worthy blog!! I am soo happy I started blogging... It's been an important part of ma vie en France.... It has enabled me not only to keep everyone back home current with my expat life ici en France, but it has also blessed me with meeting fellow bloggers... both in person and on line!!Here are two pictures from my very first post on Feb. 27, 2007 ... Spring has Sprung! This seems to be a reoccurring theme!!

February 26, 2008

The Mevlana Rumi derwishes of Damascus

Christine and I went out in Warsaw my first night there- Friday night and saw a show with this style of music and dance... It was very interesting but we didn't know it was Sufi dancers/music. It was very hypnotic, though!

Hi honey!

So, after being married for almost 2 years now... and still in the "honeymoon" phase, I spent my very first almost 4 days away from my honey... It went okay because I was visiting with a very dear friend, Christine, whom I reconnected with here in Warsaw after 20 years of not seeing one another.  What a wonderful experience to be able to find her thru Facebook about a month ago and then come here to Poland to see her.  We had an awesome time... we are still very much the same, in a lot of ways.  I said good bye to Christine this morning as she left for work and I will be saying, "bonjour" to my hubby when I see him later on today!  I really missed him a lot...   I love you Alex!!!!  Je t'aime TRES FORT!!!

Polish pastries...

Looks like a blend of whip cream meets cheese cake... 

Christines building...

Looking in the distance....

These two are the same shots, one is enhanced.

The Streets of Warsaw

February 25, 2008

Christine and Polish crepes...

Yes... they DO have crepes in Poland! And they are DELISH!! Watch out French crepes, 'cuz these ones are just as good... we shared a blueberry crepe which was almost hidden under a mountain of whipped cream and powdered sugar!! If you look closely, you can see the blueberry filling oozing out from the sides!

Artistic shots in of the Jewish quarter...

Me 'n Kate in the Jewish quarter...

Kate, or Katarzyna... is a friend of Patty's in San Diego.. When I wrote to my friends to tell them I was going to Poland, Patty sent the email to Kate... when then wrote to me and said that she would be happy to meet me in Krakow! So... Christine and I met up with Katarzyna is the Jewish quarter on Sunday and had lunch, walked around Krakow. Kate is a very sweet and outgoing woman. She also was blessed to have lived in sunny San Diego for 5 years! Thanks for showing us around, Kate! It was wonderful meeting you and I hope we will stay in touch! Bless you, Leesa

Kazimierz- the Jewish quarter

This is Krakow's famed Jewish quarter. There are several synogagues and restaurants on the Wide Street and this part of town is just starting the be renovated as of recent years... The famous Jewish temple, Remu, is still being used today.

A break for some breaking news from France!


French Prez keeps his cool... Hey, what was the guy doing there if he isn't a Sarko supporter?? Anyhow, I think it's interesting how the Prez. can just say it as it is....

Jumping for JOY!!

So happy to be in Krakow, it's a lovely place!

Wawel Castle

History of Wawel Castle:
From the dawn of Polish history Wawel Hill in Cracow was a centre of secular and ecclesiastical power. The establishment in 1000 of the bishopric of Cracow was soon followed by the construction on Wawel of the first cathedral. The Wawel castle functioned as the residence of the Polish rulers from the mid-11th to the early 17th century. The present structure incorporates Romanesque fragments and considerable Gothic parts, but it acquired its present form mainly in the period c. 1504-1535, during the reign of the kings Alexander (1501-1506) and Sigismund I the Old (1506-1548) of the Jagiellonian dynasty. The construction of the Renaissance castle was begun by Master Eberhard Rosemberger - responsible for the actual building - and Francesco the Florentine, who executed decorative stone elements and the arcaded galleries. Their work was continued by Master Benedykt and another Florentine, Bartolomeo Berrecci. Those artists created together one of the most stately monuments of Renaissance architecture in Europe.

In the centre of town...

It's a very clean and renovated part of town, the town centre. Kate told us that in the summer the square is filled with chairs and tables and tons of people hang out.

Christine in Krakow...

Mustard buildings in Krakow...

I see my photography as art... So, from time to time, I like to enhance the colours or make other changes to spice the photos up a bit!


Shops in techni-colour