January 20, 2008

Hello Dolly!

photo courtesy of People Magasine.
I was just reading today somewhere that Dolly P. is 60 now.... Dolly has been very open about her cosmetic "work" but still... I think she looks AWESOME!! Look at her neck! Sheesh... I hope I look as good at 60 if I can afford the same dr. Anyhow... I've always been a fan of Dolly's!! YOU ROCK DOLLY!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've liked Dolly Parton for a long time too. If she has had cosmetic surgery, I don't think it has been on her breasts; they have been a curse and a blessing all her life.(But may have helped her get a start in show biz.)Her famous remark is "It takes a lot of work to look this cheap !". The movie "Nine to Five" was well done too.
The wedding photos were nice -Josh&Teresa-- the dock seems to magically float right at waterlevel. Richard(SAN)

Dumdad said...

She has sung some great songs. I admire the way she speaks her mind too. She's smart and funny. And, amazingly, she still looks hot!

Linda said...

Isn't she great? I'm sure some of her young looks at 60 comes genetics, don't you think? I admire her strength. Would you believe that my mother looks like that?--except her weight has gone up and her boobs are smaller. She is in her 70's and still gets looked at by men.