December 28, 2007

New Year'S Resolutions for Millions of French!

For us NON-SMOKERS here in France, 1 janvier 2008 will be a BIG day to celebrate!! Not just because of the New Year... but because La France will impose it's new law to prohibit smoking in les endroits publiques... let's see if it holds! I think it will.. Will it mean more smokers on the street???!! Probably... as if we don't have enough as it is now!
But, I imagine that even more smokers in France will be resolving to QUIT smoking once and for all this year because of the strict new law! The high price/tax on cigarettes should be enough reason NOT to smoke.. but hey.. we all have our expensive vices!!
Mine is Starbucks.... Anyhow, I will be curious to see how well the new law is followed and it does hold strong, Alex and I will be able to go out to enjoy some live Brasilian music in Paris, sometime... I am TRULY looking forward to this New Year and think it is a milestone for La France. Meanwhile, on the news last night (CNN), I heard that for people caught smoking in the car with children they will incur a fine of $100!!! Go California, go!!! Photo taken by Nitot (some copyrights apply!)

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