December 26, 2007


I get very teary-eyed when I think about my mom, and not having her here with us physically, and I cannot even imagine what it must be like to lose a child... because losing my mom, was hard enough. One of my Myspace friends is Donate4William, a page dedicated to Kim's son, William who passed away not long after my mom did... William was only 16 years old! His mom, Kim created the page for him, and has dedicated her time and life to the very valuable cause, organ donation. Here is a little about William from his Myspace page. I hope that you will visit his page and take the time to find out more about organ donation. It saves lives!!
William "Will" McMahon was an active, healthy, sixteen year-old honor student. During the last week of 2004 he developed flu-like symptoms. In less than a week Will was diagnosed with unexplained liver failure. He was flown from Pensacola, FL to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL in critical condition. A miracle occured when he received a donated liver in time to save his life. After his Jan. 2,2005 transplant,Will bravely fought for his life and successfully returned home. There he resumed his passions of surfing and playing the guitar. Almost five months after his transplant Will developed complications and once again he needed a liver donation. We were not as fortunate this time and William passed away May 19,2005. Please understand and discuss organ donation with your family and friends. By doing so you are helping raise awareness of this life saving gift! I would be happy to share this story and talk about organ donation to any school, church or group. If you are interested in "Don't Break the Circle" shirts, magnets or bumper stickers please let me know. You can also contact me at or visit The William Rollings McMahon Organ Donation Educational Foundation to make a donation. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Leesa. This is beautiful. I know your Mom and William are having a wonderful birthday celebration in heaven today :)
Love, Kim
William's Mom