December 3, 2007

Dec 1 The COOKING! Chez Frederique!

We got to Frederique and Francois' a little after 2 pm... READY to tackle the "bird." When we first saw HOW BIG the pieces of turkey were... we weren't sure how we would manage! But, we did!! We stuffed the pieces - 3 huge breasts and 2 huge thighs into two cooking pans with butter, garlic, onions, salt, pepper and thyme! We weren't able to get the last thigh in the oven until Francois came back from the market and solved our delimma by "making room" in the stuffed oven! We actually used an extra pan for the last leg and turned it a little sideways.. This is a little bit of ingenuity known in France as "La systeme D." (Make it work!!!) Anyhow, it worked!


barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Once again, what a great job you all did. Félicitations !
Thanksgiving means hard work. One of the memories that I will always have is of my Mom. Up early to start cooking the bird, and all through the following hours basting and re-basting.

Thank you all again ;)
P.S. The recipe for cornbread will follow tomorrow on my blog.

PEARLY said...

hi dear :
Thank for pop over to me , you are right Barbara is a very wonderful lady ...
I have link you into mine cos the other day I saw your link at Barbara and aiyanonya link so I have a good look around from all your new to old post , I'm really enjoy reading your post weldone xxxxxx