November 7, 2007

World PEACE starts with YOU!!!

One of my role models on this earth is the His Holiness the Dali Lama! Who cannot help but love this kind and gentle man with the well-known laugh?! Here is something from his official website worth quoting on this day of BLOGBLAST PEACE.

"For renewal of human values and attainment of lasting happiness, we need to look to the common humanitarian heritage of all nations the world over. May this essay serve as an urgent reminder lest we forget the human values that unite us all as a single family on this planet.

I have written the above lines
To tell my constant feeling.
Whenever I meet even a 'foreigner',
I have always the same feeling:
'I am meeting another member of the human family.,
This attitude has deepened
My affection and respect for all beings.
May this natural wish be
My small contribution to world peace.
I pray for a more friendly,
More caring, and more understanding
Human family on this planet.
To all who dislike suffering,
Who cherish lasting happiness -
This is my heartfelt appeal."
The Dali Lama

1 comment:

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
What an excellent choice for the PeaceBlast. The Dalai Lama is an exceptional man.
That is a beautiful quote and I Thank you for sharing it. I know that you share that philosophy, seeing how open you are with those around you.
That's the spirit, Leesa. Share the peace.
See you soon.