November 25, 2007

Tina Turner on Larry King

This is soooo amazing it will give you frissons!! Brigitte and I had a very nice conversation at Buddhism and chanting today. Here is Tiny Turner on Larry King Live and it is quite amazing!


barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
I will tell you that my Mom practices Buddism of the exact same type as Tina Turner.So, this chanting is something that I have known most of my life.
This is a part of my Mom's ritual, that gives her peace and inner strenght.
Incredible interview ... Tina has been through a lot in her life. I think that she has gotten a lot out of her Buddist practice.

Peace to you also.

The Big Finn said...

I'm fascinated by celebrities like Tina Turner, Tom Cruise, and Madonna who, with all their wealth and fame, still have a void that needs to be filled by religion. I guess money truly can't buy happiness.