November 7, 2007

Peace Starts with YOU!!!!!

Practice Random Acts of Kindness every day and you are ALREADY making the world a more PEACEFUL place to live in... We can ALL do our part in a very big way, by showing kindness to others around us... I believe that this is the way that Jesus lived his life, as well as the Dali Lami, Buddah, Gandi, Mother Teresa and many others! We really can make a DIFFERENCE on a very simple and individual level... I ask all of you to think about this and to open your hearts to giving out a smile, a kind word, or a helping hand, if possible... Let's just stop complaining about all the people out there who frustrate us to no end... if just for a day, and remember that we are all humans with feelings and emotions! Let's try to pass on some of our goodness to others, and maybe it will spread like jam on bread!! Come on, Give PEACE a chance!!!

Here are some useful websites for Random Acts of Kindness:
The Random Acts of Kindess Foundation

Random Acts of Kindness
Help Others

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