November 27, 2007

On a fete' l'anniversaire

de Frederique et moi aujourd'hui avec des copines et ma belle mere!! C'etait SUPER CHOUETTE!!! I had such a nice time just hangin' with the girls today! First, we met at the gare d'Antony at noon and walked through the marche'. Then, we headed over to a cute little sandwicherie in the center of town. There was a line out the door when we first arrived and so we went inside to grab a table before waiting in the line to order! The owner, a good-looking French man was giving us the "eye" as if to say... Hey, what do you think you gals are doing, just coming in and sitting down like that (we were 7, by the way). It may have looked like we were expecting table service... but I thought that maybe he thought we were cutting in front of everyone to get a table.. I really don't know how these things work... since I had never been there when it was so crowded! So, when he started to tell us (in French) that we should wait in line to order... I thought he meant that we had to give up the table and wait in line and THEN sit down!! AIE!! But, what he really meant is that that we were okay there but that we would have to queue up to order.. Oki, fine.. that was no big deal..but WHEW!!! For a moment, I thought we were committing a big French no-no!! I actaully blurted out to him.. "But, it''s my birthday and I brought my friends here to celebrate with me," hoping that he would let us keep the tables.. I guess it was just my misunderstanding... maybe he was trying to be funny, too.. as we would find out later on... Anyways, we were offered another spot in the place.. that was NOT right in the middle of everything... and MUCH more quiet and calm then the tables we had picked. A nice female worker was the one who asked one of my friends if we would prefer the
quiet corner, instead... She even brought us an extra chair!!! How nice!! We ordered or food... which was VERY good... and sat down to lunch, talking and enjoying eachother's company!! The patron came by several times to ask how we were doing and to joke around a bit.. he was pretty nice and jolly... I one of the workers if we could eat our dessert (the mocha cupcakes I made) there... I asked first to make sure since we were eating in a place.. usually you can't bring in outside food... esp. since they served some desserts there already.. The guy replied very cheerfully, "Mais oui, bien sur!!" I offered on to the patron and he said, "Oh no, I can't.. it's for your friends." Then when we lit up the candles, he turned out the lights in the resto and had EVERYONE who was eating there sing JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!!! It was SOOOOO COOOL!!!! I was touched!! He came back to our table and asked if we would like coffee... He took everyone's orders... and said, "je vous invite." I thought it was just for me and Frederique (we being the b-day girls and all)... but at the very end of it all.. I went up to pay for the coffee... and he said, "No, don't worry about it... I have invited you all!" I was touched again!! SOOOO NICE!!! What a great way to spend my b-day!!


barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
How are you doing, Birthday Girl ?
You must be taking it easy this morning, enjoying everything .
I really enjoyed meeting your friends & your Mom in law. You are indeed rich in all that love and friendship that surrounds you.

Thank you for inviting me again. I had a good time.

Lots of XO for ya !

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hehe!! Thanks Barbara!! Just finished breakfast now, a toasted whole wheat English muffin (just like Thomas') that I found at the Monoprix in Montparnasse the other day when I got my cranberries!! I am happy you had a nice time meeting my friends and Mom-in-law!! How very nice for you to say.. My life does feel more enriched by the lovely people I have in it! Thanks for helping make my first b-day in France a very special one!!! -Leesa

Samantha said...

Wait, did I miss it?? I thought your birthday was today!!

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

So sorry I missed the fete but it sure looks like you had a great time.

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi Sam .... No, it's today.. you didn't miss it!!! Thanks! Leesa

Hi Jasmin... Thanks.. it was fun and we missed you but there will be others... no worriess.. See you on Sat... Take care, Leesa

lil^witch said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! That shop you went to sounds incredible! What a cool shop owner.

Happy Belated Birthday, Leesa!