November 3, 2007


I just learned from reading Barbara's blog that Nov. 7 will be Blogblast for Peace Day! A day to devote a blog post for PEACE. I checked out Coffe 2 Go's blog, where Sanni is offering to Pimp your Peace Globe, and Mimi Writes blog, which tells all about this great event taking place in Blogland, Cyberspace! I hope all that read this post, will check out the blogs I have just listed and participate, as well... A well-deserved cause!!!
Here is a sample of the Peace Globe that you can pick up and design from Mimi's blog!


barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Nice to have you join the Peace Bloggers ! Yes, 7 November is the day and Peace our theme.
Sanni at Coffee to Go does a great job for personalizing Peace Globes.
A real artist !
Leesa, I'am hoping that all is fine in your home. I'll catch you soon.
Thanks for spreading the word, my friend.

Sanni said...

Thank you so much for participating in the Blogblast for Peace. You´ve got 2 "peace-full" emails... I think I´ve lost my brain somewhere between all those globes - I forgot to attach the globe in the first mail. Oh my...

See you on Wednesday!
Take care,