November 20, 2007

The EXCITEMENT has ended!!

Well, the excitement is ALL over...

NOPE! I am NOT talking about the strike in France, unfortunately! I am talking about today, when I went back to the hospital to get my
stitches out! It was pretty painless and the docs were very nice and joked around with me and thought it was funny that I was taking pictures for my blog as the one doc took out the stitches.
This was my arm a few days after the tetanus shot!! OWWWWWW!!! It's no longer red but there is a little knot still on the muscle!!! The doc said it will be there for about a month but the good news is that when Alex bumps up against it it no longer hurts and I can sleep on my left side!

Here is me being a good patient as the doc took the stitches out- which, by the way-did not hurt at all. The funny thing was when I entered the room and I asked if it would hurt as much to get the stitches out as to put them in.. i.e. did I need anethesia.. I think the one doctor thought this was funny because he told the younger one, pictured taking out the stitches... "She needs a lot of hugs because she is scared!"
I thought this was funny.. though... I am ALWAYS scared when I have to go to the hospital... Afterwards, I proudly showed off the scare on my knee where I had 2 knee surgeries for a broken knee back in '96!! Both of the docs agreed with me that the knee scare was A LOT bigger than the little one on my finger!! Hehehehe!!

1 comment:

barbara said...

Congrats; you survived it !
Very brave :)
I had this done to me twice, and I won't freak you or anyone else out with that.
Yes, it's better when it's over.
Sounds like a friendly hospital crew.