October 29, 2007

Me n' Kristen at Starbucks....

in Montparnasse! My friend Kristen, whom I haven't seen in about 12 years is here visiting us now. She lives/teaches
Brussels and they don't have Starbucks over there so she was HAPPY to see our *Bucks over here!!! We both miss our Pumpkin or Eggnog lattes for the holiday season, though!!!


Melbourne to Metz said...

no starbucks in Brussels? I am surprised! I hated starbucks in Melbourne because we had really good coffee and it was always so expensive at starbucks and badly made..but I really miss lattes so when I'm in Paris I just might stop by..

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi Rochelle!!

Yeh! Me, too! Apparently, Brussels is lacking in MANY things... My friend isn't very happy with Belgium... Kind of how things don't always go well for Expats... Leesa