October 26, 2007

Lucky Dube killed for his car

A Real Prince Of Peace. This is soooo unbelievably TRAGIC! The world lost another prophet in the senseless murder of LUCKY DUBE. He and his music were internationally renowned. He is up there with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. God rest his soul and keep his children safe. Lucky Dube was killed for his car and in front of his two children. The world weeps for this Reggae King. His message was PEACE. He was taken from us way too early. He will be remembered as a LEGEND along with those who came before him. His music will be played through eternity. You can kill the MESSENGER, but you can't kill the MESSAGE! I am deeply saddened about the tragic and senseless death of Lucky Dube. May his soul join the great Reggae musicians who are waiting for him in Heaven. May we all remember the man for his positive message for humanity and for his soothly and beautiful voice... "I will Love Him for Ever and Ever. Respect for the man Of peace, unity and love......" Rest in Peace, Lucky Dube. We will miss you!

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