September 15, 2007

No use crying over spilt milk....

Uhhhh.... yogurt!
Alex and I went shopping today at the Auchan at Velizy (a HUGEEEEEEE mall near our place). It was Saturday a.m. and soooo jam-packed with shoppers that you could barely move through the aisles.. and these isles are double the size as your standard size market like a Monoprix or Intermarche'. This store seemed twice the size as Costco! There yogurt section was 3 aisles in size and it was clear to me that one could clearly find a lot more things at this grand supermarche' than at most of the others... So, onto the story... We were in the checkout line and I heard the crash of glass breaking on the floor... Turning around to see what broke, I saw a pot de yaort etalé par terre. I immediately thought of Sam de Bretagne's post last week where she wrote about a French man breaking a bottle of wine in an upscale supermarket in the States and was offered a free bottle of wine as a result.. Hehe.. not the case here today.. First of all, the lady who dropped the pot of yogurt was nowhere in sight... she scrammed away quickly! And, what's even more... she didn't flee quickly to alert someone at the store that there was a broken pot of yogurt with glass and slippery, slimy yogurt spilled all over and that someone should come and clean it up right away so no one falls and gets hurt! I watched for a minute.. then went up to a cashier and told her what had happened and that there was glass and yogurt spilled on the floor.. She said thanks and I went back to my spot in line with my hubby... I waited about 5 minutes.. fidgeting around impatiently for someone to come and clean up the mess before someone got hurt.. NOPE! Pas de secours ....Okay.. so I went up the customer service folks and told the guy what happened and he said thanks and called someone..
I went back to the line feeling proud as having done a good deed for the day!! I told my husband and we watched for another 5 minutes or so as shoppers walked through, pushed their carts over or dodged the no spreading pieces of glass and slippery yogurt which was all over the place by now!! I was honestly surprised that no one had slipped or gotten hurt to this point.. Finally, a store worker walked over to the area.. folded a piece of cardboard box and cleaned up the area to his best capability, having no broom or mop!! How weird! If it was Vons, Ralphs, Savon, Whole Foods, or any other big chain supermarket in the U.S. you can bet your sweet geenie that is would have been cleaned up in 1 minute flat! No joke.. too much of a lability to leave something there that long... But, oh well.. C'est la vie!!


Backinthegroove said...

Hi I just discovered your blog as I was trailing through some blogs that i read!
I'm surprised they actually listened to you and got a bit of cloth out, normally its a french shrug and the person walking away while I'm still talking.

Dumdad said...

How very French.

There are many great things in France but their supermarkets are not among them. We do most of our buying now online (with Auchan).

The difference between Auchan and, say, Sainsbury's in England is stunning. The supermarkets in the UK are cleaner, more user-friendly and the checkout staff are polite and attentive. "Would you like cash-back sir, and do you need any help in the packing?"

In general, supermarket staff over here are at best uninterested, at worst hostile and unhelpful.

lil^witch said...

I've been to England, they were VERY polite.. it's freakish! LOL. The supermarket staff in Malaysia on the other hand are not. They usually give out forced smiles (you know, the kind that fades away the second they took their eyes off you) if they gave any. Might as well not to bother with it, right?

Ohh, and I loooove "good deed for the day"! It gives you a certain kind of pleasure and pride in it, yeah? :D