September 30, 2007

My hedgie experience!

I FINALLY spotted a LIVING hedgehog here in France!! I have only seen ones that have been hit and smushed on the road! I used to have one as a pet for almost 5 years and they are among my FAVORITE critters!! So, I was super excited to see one at night scurrying across the grass area in our apartment complex. It was around 11 pm and I caught a glimpse of him making a beeline... I ran over to him and he stopped dead in his tracks... With a shirt I had in my hands... I picked him up and called my hubby over to take a look.. I didn't get a photo but he was a pretty good size compared to the one I had... about twice the size.. My hedgie was an African pymgy and maybe the European species are a bit larger... Anyhow... it was VERY exciting!!! Below are two pictures I pulled off the net... One of a European hedgehog and one is an armadillo from Texas..


Bee Ean said...

I have never seen closely a hedgehog in my life. However when I was living in Texas, I saw armadillo all the time, dead on the side road.

Susu said...


I thought I'd say hello, since you invited to do so. I'm also an expat here in France. Been around for five years already... but still getting used to some of the peculiarities of this beautiful country.

I welcome you to take a hop on my blog!