August 14, 2007

This was a Myspace comment from my friend, RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)

It is something we should all do....

“Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the flowers,
Kind deeds are the fruits,
Take care of your garden And keep out the weeds,
Fill it with sunshine Kind words and kind deeds”
~ Henry Wadsworth

Try this experiment. For the next 24 hours, do your best to suspend all judgment and criticism of others. Instead, wrap every person you meet in a warm and loving thought of kindness. Don't just limit this to physical contact, but apply it to everyone who comes to mind. And for those you consider enemies, make certain the thought is especially kind. There is a very good chance that by the time the experiment is finished, the way you habitually think about your fellow man will be forever changed.

Have a perfect day.
Know that you are blessing to my life here and now!

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
Your friend,

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