August 14, 2007

Paris Plage... in mi-aout 2007!

I never thought I'd be closer to the beach than I was today at Paris Plage, a beach on the left bank of the Seine... Or is it the right bank... Not quite sure! Anyhow, it was overcast and cool... about 68 F or so, but there were still a lot of people out on the plage! That was last Thursday! Today is even worse... cold, wind, and rain today! I wish we had a REAL summer here in Paris this year... It has been overcast and rainy since we came back from our 3 week vacation in the south of France and I have lost my nice tan!!! My friends who have stayed here all summer say, "Eh, we're used to the weather now!" But to me... it SUCKS!!!!!! Where's the sun hiding??!

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