August 26, 2007

I SEE SUN!!!!!

Today the SUN decided to pay us all a visit! AMAZING!! Bright and warm and wrapped up in a clear BLUE sky... This is like the FIRST time ALL summer long that I can remember a nice day like today! I think this this the first time all summer long that I actually saw my shadow.... I was soooo surprised that I took a picture of it!!

What's WRONG with these pictures??

Guessing game?? Anyone who has been in Paris... or anywhere else of France except the most southern part on the Med. Ocean all summer may be able to pick up on "what is wrong?" right away!!

La grande roue...

Fair Food.....

More fair rides...

Fun-fair in Paris in the Jardin de Tuliries!

Jan and Steve land in Paris!

My dear friends, Jan and Steve are visiting Paris this week from San Diego, California! I am soooo happy they made it across the ocean to visit our lovely city! Their week-long trip will also include 3 days in Barcelona and a day trip to Bruges! It's their FIRST time to Europe so this is VERY exciting! Jan is very handy with a camera so I am sure she will get some great shots!!
Stepping out on French terre!

Waiting for the metro at Chatelet les Halles

A different view of the Eiffel Tower

And LOOK, though it's gray, you can see a little bit of blue trying to show itself!!

Coffee Club @ the American Church of Paris/Lunch @ Bart's

I can't say how nice it is to meet up with fellow Americans and just TALK in English... not broken English and being able to use regular slang words and expressions that people understand!! Most of my French gfs speak English anyways... but it's nice to share that "cultural bonding" time. I met a few women and the Coffee Club today and got to spend some quality time with a few "old friends, " as well!!!

Me and Rebecca- bright smiles!
Rebecca, Dawn, Nancy, Emoke and Pam @ Bart's
We LOVE you Lady Diana!!
Dawn, Pam, and Nancy
Coffee Club @ the American Church in Paris

August 20, 2007

Meeting Barbara....

Today I had the privilege of meeting a fellow blogger, Barbara from Home in France She is a fellow Californian (born in San Diego) and raised in Hawaii.... So, we had a lot to talk about! I LOVE the Hawaiian Islands and EVERYTHING tropical... except mosquitoes, of course!! So, we met at the Parc de Sceaux... Our favourite park... and had a very nice walk and then stopped to have a cool and refreshing carbonated drink.... a mint lemonade and a Schwepps! Then, she walked me to the RER and we said our goodbyes! So nice to have found a new friend... and we are practically neighbours... our towns are next to each other!!! Thanks again, Barbara!! I had a very nice time today!!!

August 19, 2007

A special email...

I just checked out Michelle's blog after a while and found a post about ME! I had sent her an email regarding my experience with individuals with seizure disorder how I was able to help a young woman one day just before she started to seize... I will recommend to everyone who reads my blog to PLEASE check out Michelle's blog, the Rocky Mountain Retreat, because it has a lot of valuable information regarding seizures.... Here is the post with my email to her back in June....