July 9, 2007

Storm Chasers- Chasseurs d'Orages

This is super cool.. You can look it up on google... chasseurs d'orages under images. I would like to give photo credit but forgot the names of the photographers. I did not take these pics, obviously... I am NO storm chaser.. more of a food chaser, if anything!!


barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Ooooh... I'am not a storm chaser, either. But, those pix are spectacular. The storm chasers must have been overjoyed today; lots of rain & thunder today in the Paris area.
Take care & see you.

Cooks on the Coast said...

Fabulous pics throughout your blogs! I clicked over from Amy at C'est la me.

Anonymous said...

Tu as un lien avec des photos

Gary said...

According to Greek mythology, Zeus sends down his mighty thunderbolts onto us little mortals whenever we aggravate the gods.

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hehe - yeah, I'm a food chaser too !!

Lallee said...

Those look like the kind of lightening we have in Florida. I'm not a storm chaser, but I love a good thunder boomer to watch from inside the house.