July 11, 2007

News FLASH- Paris Post!

For as much as I love Paris, France... I decided to warm up to another Paris.... Hilton, that is. After the GUSHING of MEDIA HYPE surrounding the Hollywood Blonde Heiress, I decided that she has "grown on me," and I actually now like her!! Weird!!!! I didn't like her before, I didn't even think she particularily pretty besides having a nice figure. But I now like her and think she is a cute young blonde with lots of money and nice clothes.. I hope she cleans up her act now and changes her ways!!


Gary said...

OK, I'll bite ...
I wish your idolatry would lean more toward BO DEREK or Sophia Loren or even Ruth Buzzi.

My name is Gary from San Diego!!

GARY said...

And furthermore.... I am a victim of censorship on your blog.... Signed GARY from San Diego