July 10, 2007

Lucky 7!

Belated! In honour for the day 7-7-07!! I am waiting to hear back from Lallee to see if this is her photo so I can give credit since I did not take it.. I found it on Flicr.com

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Lallee said...

I wish I could claim this photo as mine. It is beautiful, but it isn't mine.

I looked through your French Polynesia pictures and really enjoyed them. There isn't anything more relaxing than beautiful water is there?

Peter said...

Hey Leesa and happy 7/7/07 to you :) Thanks for stopping by at our blog ... as for your question where we are from .. he he .. long story ... just clcik on the 'about' button on the upper left side and the riddle will be solved :)

I will keep checking your blog .. tata

lil^witch said...

Okay, I know that this isn't yours but wow! Those roses are perfect!