July 3, 2007

I've just be TAGGED!!! So here goes...

Recently tagged by my pal... Colour Me Crazy... I am determined to get it right this time around.. So here goes...

5 Things in my BAG!!!

1. A torn up Metro Map from the book - Paris Top 10 - I ALWAYS take this with me with I go to Paris... It's easier to see than the mini-plan and not as big as the GRAND plan!!!

2. An umbrella- You NEVER know when it will rain in France.. It could be warm and sunny and then POOF... it's raining!

3. des mouchoirs- I HATE forgetting my kleenex... So, I always stuff a little carry size in my sac... I have even passed them out to others at times!

4. My California ID/copy of my carte de sejour/carte orange/metro ticket/money/and other things in my wallet.... (Don't ask me about the CID... I just feel proud to carry it!!

5. IPod

5 Favourite things in my room- I will say my "living room" cuz I am in it more...

1. I agree with Fi... My hubby!!

2. My Macbook/IMac desktop

3. the TV

4. My buddha statue on the top of the TV

5. All the English and French grammar books and xerox copies that my hub just put on the new shelf so that they are more
in order now!!

5 Things you've always wanted to do!

Oh la la.. This will be tough.. nahh....

1. Travel the world

2. Become fluent in a bunch of langauges

3. Live on a tropical island- or at least near the ocean at this point in time!!

4. Have a farm and lots of animals

5. Have a beautiful garden and grow all of our own produce!

5 Things you're currently into

1. My online TEFL class

2. Increasing my clientale for my English classes

3. Photography and blogging

4. Making new friends

5. Planning a trip to the U.S. for my cousin's wedding!!

5 People I want to TAG!!

1. Fiona
2. Fiona
3. Fiona
4. Fiona
5. Fiona!!!!!

Just kidding!!! I will think about this one and add it later!!


ColourMeCrazy said...

I can totally relate to the umbrella thing - the weather's a little crazy over here as well! Oh, I have my iPod all the time as well! And you have lived on a tropical island already!
Ooo, when are you going to the US ?

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'am discovering your blog for the first time and enjoying it ;)

There are so many US expat bloggers; I have not been to all of them. I enjoy visiting fellow expats, as well as other blogs too.
Open to the world !
I sometimes get tagged also, by my blog pals. They are fun to do, and let your readers let to know you !

Have a nice day, and you are always welcome at my blog.

P.S. Your 4th of July feast looked just SCRUMPTIOUS !

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

CMC-- We hope to go to the US for my cousin's wedding... undisclosed dates.. will send it in an email to you...
Barbara... Bienvenue and thanks for stopping by... Please come by often as I do daily updates and add more photos.... Thanks for your comments.. I will stop by yours, as well... Leesa

mlle smith said...

Hi Leesa,

I'm new to your site...thank you for listing my site in your blogroll! (Err...so when are you going to update that link? http://mllesmith.com) Heeheee!

Can you let me know where you're taking your online TEFL course? I'd like to check out an online course for TEFL...I guess to at least have it under my belt, just in case.

Or, you can leave a message on my blog to let me know?